Fashion Celebrity Architecture Erotica Fine Art Photographer. International Worldwide.

Fashion Editorial Coming Soon: The Disrupters | Featured Talent: Donovan Leitch, Taylor Bagley | Fashion stylist: Melissa Laskin | Makeup & Hair: Veronica Lane | Production: Jane Carrington, Boonie Poole, Neptune | Editorial Magazine: Prestige International PIM22

Photographed at the James Goldstein residence in Beverly Hills, California.

Story photographed using gear & equipment: Cameras Nikon D810 | Lenses: AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR | 60mm Micro Nikkor | Flash Systems: Profoto Acute 1200 Flash | Sandisk Memory Cards | Manfrotto Cases and Auto Systems | Gitzo Tripods | Mobile iPhone 6S Plus | Post Production: Post Rough Creative Presets | Post Process: Proimage